Special Needs Children

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Parents and care-givers of children (or other vulnerable loved ones) with developmental or physical disabilities, serious or chronic illness, food or drug allergies, or other special needs face a unique set of challenges every day.  These challenges often involve developing effective monitoring and supervision strategies.

The CHILDTRAC System offers parents and caregivers a valuable set of new tools for implementing those strategies and offers special needs children and others the Freedom, Independence, and Mobility that may have been difficult or even impossible in the past.

With CHILDTRAC new web portal, you can NOW view, and instant locate your child anytime easily from your tablet or smartphone via the new web portal access.

  • If your disabled child strays, you can instantly locate and/or communicate with her/him. You can even display the history of his daily location, view recent alerts and SOS calls.
  • If your asthmatic or allergic child suffers an attack or reaction, he/she can instantly summon help . . at the touch of a single button!
  • If required, your ill or disabled child can easily and immediately call for the assistance she/he needs.
  • You can view and/or monitor your special needs child (or other vulnerable loved one) easily from your computer at work and even call the tracker to hear if he is ok.

Let the CHILDTRAC System replace doubt and worry with Certainty and Peace of Mind and give you and your child a new sense of Security and Independence.