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These days, educators are giving students broader educational opportunities by offering access to curricular and extra-curricular resources and experiences that are found away from the school premises.  Field trips to other educational institutions, museums and art galleries, cultural events, parks and other recreational areas, sports venues, and more are now an important part of our kids’ educational experience.

Travelling off-campus can mean additional supervision challenges as groups move from palace to place and children become interested in, and potentially distracted by, new environments and experiences.  Moreover, the responsibility of safeguarding a large group of school kids is often left to relatively few adult teachers/chaperons.

The CHILDTRAC System offers a valuable new addition to the safety procedures and protocols employed by schools in an effort to keep children well-supervised and safe. NOW the school authorized official can monitor the group, that is on the field trip, from his desk on his PC with the Private Access Portal. He can contact the group supervisor anytime and if he gets an alert, he will be able to respond quickly.

  • Allowing students the means to easily and immediately alert and/or contact teachers/ chaperons when they need to.
  • Allowing teachers/chaperons the ability to instantly locate groups or individuals.
  • Alerting teachers/chaperons the instant students stray from a given location . . . by even a few metres!
  • Allowing teachers/chaperons to contact groups or individuals to inform them of changing situations, plans, or meeting locations.
  • Allowing teachers/chaperons to discretely monitor student’s locations.

Let the CHILDTRAC System enhances students’ Safety and Security while you enhance their education.