No matter what your tracking/monitoring needs, the CHILDTRAC System provides a comprehensive suite of features, simplicity of design and functionality, and the reliability and robustness of cutting-edge technology that means Freedom, Security and Certainty in almost any situation.

Child in a wheelchair

Special needs children

The CHILDTRAC System offers parents and caregivers a valuable set of new tools for implementing those strategies and offers special needs children and others the Freedom, Independence, and Mobility that may have been difficult or even impossible in the past.

Kids in a daycare

Nannies and daycare

With this NEW available technology, you can provide excellent professional care and supervision. Parents will be reassured that their child is in good hands and with optimum supervision. The NEW web portal CAN SUPERVISE MULTIPLE TRACKERS and provide alerts when one of the child strays away from the group, when on field trips or on an outing at the park.

Children sitting in front of a school

Schools and day camps

The CHILDTRAC System offers a valuable new addition to the safety procedures and protocols employed by schools in an effort to keep children well-supervised and safe. NOW the school authorized official can monitor the group, that is on the field trip, from his desk on his PC with the Private Access Portal. He can contact the group supervisor anytime and if he gets an alert, he will be able to respond quickly.