How it works

SecurKit installation instruction

This video explains how to use the Secur-Kit solution. It shows you how to attach to clothing and remove at the end of the day. 

If you require more information, please do not hesitate to let us know.




Watch network configuration (pdf)


Our Testimonials

Tara R, Saskachewan

 Smart Watch Review   

My son loves his watch! Walk perfectly. Excellent customer service, I really appreciated the arrival gift of the packed watch.


Billy-Joe K, Montreal

Great gift!  


Great gift! I like this watch, it's easy to use for my son, and when he comes out, he still has his watch. He calls me when he gets longer at the park and I can now see his location and know when he is coming home from school. Great stuff at a good price too! the service is great! Thank you 


Clare B. Nova Scotia

 Great stuff at a good price too! the service is great! Thank you 


Thuan T. Laval


I tried 2 other GPS watches before discovering ChildTrac: poor quality watch, dismal or no customer service.

With ChildTrac, wow! The watch works as supposed. The sound is acceptable. Geofences are functional. Customer service

is fast and efficient. The watch has been delivered ready to use, unlike other companies. Very happy to do business with ChildTrac


Oxana K.


I was looking for a GPS Tracker for almost 6 months. I even bought one on Amazon, but it did not work. Then, in one of the reviews, I saw someone mention Childtrac and the high quality of the product. The product, software, features and customer service are simply amazing! All I did was I contacted them, I received all the necessary documents and documents by e-mail, the watch arrived in a few days with all the settings already set up (huge relief, it's a nightmare). The device is of high quality, with all the necessary functions (no games, which is great!). Whenever I have a question or request, the team is always there to help you. The Childtrac team does an impeccable job, thanks a lot to you all!


Sam M, Vancouver

I Love it!  Enfin!    


I just received this device for my mother because she has mobility problems, she was falling all the time and the last time we found it was 12 hours later! Now, when we have a fall alert, we know something has happened and we can call it directly to see if it's okay. I like this! it's easy for her to charge it with my old device to use the cable and could never get it properly. Thank you Lisa for the recommendation